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Complete HR Back-end Support

Our Management Consultants have rich experience in advising HR team and are competent to provide guidance in various fields.

HR CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Every day HR departments have to expend enormous resources in dealing with array of contracts, like Employment ContractsEmployee's Lease ContractsContracts with Credit Card companies, insurance companies, Contracts with other multiple companies to obtain various services.

We integrate with the HR teams to offload their burden by sharing our best practices and providing full-fledged support, legal and administrative. We not only provide opinion on Contracts, we also pitch in to negotiate Contracts with third parties on behalf of our clients. In short, we become part of HR Department right from Contract negotiation to its execution.

In addition to the above, we provide various other services to the HR departments of our clients including:

  1. Audit of HR policies and provide solutions within legal frame;
  2. Backend support to HR team in legal matters such as providing assistance in filing FIRs and dealing with the law enforcement agencies; recovery of Company's assets from its ex-employees, etc.;
  3. Guidance on industrial dispute matters under the Industrial Dispute Act or any other labor laws;
  4. Represent clients before the statutory bodies including labor Courts, tribunals, and other Courts;
  5. Guidance on white collar contract labor (temporary human resources) and related issues;
  6. Day-to-day HR related affairs of companies;
  7. Adherence to legal provision while hiring and firing of human resources;
  8. Disciplinary action against employees;
  9. Setting up of compliance committees, sexual harassment committee and procedural guidance thereof in line with the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013