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Indian labor and employment laws are complex, therefore, companies have to heavily depend upon the outside counsels and consultants for guidance and further assistance.

We have years of experience in the field of human resources and employment laws and provide legal services to our Clients ACROSS ALL INDIAN STATES in the following fields:

  • ADVISORY - we provide day-to-day advisory services on broad spectrum of labor and employment laws. We have a team of qualified labor laws lawyer who are competent and qualified to provide guidance on any complex labor laws issues.
  • REGISTRATION OF BUSINESS UNDER INDIAN LABOR/EMPLOYMENT LAWS - We assist our clients in obtaining registration of their businesses in Indian States under various labor and employment laws.
  • POINT OF CONTACT FOR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS - on behalf of our clients we front-end with the labor departments and government officials on PAN INDIA level. We also sit through in the inspections / audits conducted by the labor department and provide all requisite support to our clients.
  • COMPLIANCE AUDIT - we conduct compliance audit under labour and employment laws across India.  
  • STATUTORY RECORDS UPKEEP - we ensure that the requisite statutory registers are updated as per the given state laws.  
  • FILING OF STATUTORY RECORDS - there are various periodical statutory returns required to be filed by Indian companies with federal and state government. We assist our clients in preparation of such returns and also get them duly submitted with the appropriate government department.