Trusted Corporate Law Firm in Delhi NCR

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WE DRAFT legal documents including complaints, notices, responses, commercial agreements, plaints, suits, written statements, rejoinders, etc.

We advise clients on wide range of Indian laws. Participate in clients’ meetings and negotiation. Advise clients in formulation of companies’ internal policies and procedures for effective business management.

TRAINING: WE provide training to client companies on various applicable laws, corporate governance and compliance.

LEGAL AND BUSINESS COUNSELLING: WE provide guidance on broad range of subjects, including general commercial laws, contract interpretation, employment/labor laws, companies policies, intellectual property and licensing. Provide legal guidance on all employee related matters including hiring and termination in compliance with applicable Indian employment/labor laws and companies policies.

SIMPLIFICATION OF CONTRACTS: WE assist in simplifying contracts to achieve higher customer satisfaction. Contribute and direct process improvement to achieve improved efficiency in legal services and improved quality of responses to internal and external business clients/partners.